AQUA LEAVES /Canvas Art /Multiple SizesAQUA LEAVES /Canvas Art /Multiple Sizes$29.00 BIG RED CIRCLE /Canvas Art /Multiple SizesBIG RED CIRCLE /Canvas Art /Multiple Sizes$29.00 CIRCLES IN NATURE /Canvas Art /Multiple SizesCIRCLES IN NATURE /Canvas Art /Multiple Sizes$29.00 THREE LEAVES /Canvas Art /Multiple SizesTHREE LEAVES /Canvas Art /Multiple Sizes$29.00

  • Welcome To Bird Sings

    As creator of Bird Sings, I would like to thank you for taking the time to consider my products. I have a fun company, but I am serious in my devotion to simple, honest messages that help people express themselves. I work to enrich the lives of independent artists by exposing their talent and paying royalties to allow them to keep their work alive.

    My company name, Bird Sings, represents the wonder that occurs when we fulfill our natural purpose in life. So, just as the bird sings, the flower blooms, and the tree shades, when we express our natural purpose we do so without effort. In fact, we find exhilaration from doing that which we were always intended to do. 

    I hope you enjoy my work and the work of my artists. This is the fulfillment of my purpose. I hope you are experiencing the joy of fulfilling your own purpose each and every day.

    Blessings ~ Tim Colley

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